Thanksgiving and Gratitude!

Thanksgiving and Gratitude!

Gratitude is an acceptance and appreciation for all things. In each opportunity there is a process that we each much undergo to intentionally reach gratitude. Sometimes the process isn’t easy.

A painful past, disappointment and fears can cloud the path towards gratitude and it’s up to us to refocus our lens and find the beauty in each situation.

I prayerfully set my intentions for 2018, starting from a place of thankfulness, in spite of the tension and struggles of the world and our country and in spite of some of the painful moments we experienced as a family.

It is my choice to be the healer of my family and a light in this world.

The fall prepares us for a restful state and there’s a natural opportunity for reflection. As the season changes and in my introspection, I realize that the tough moments brought new opportunities, family, friends and the right professionals to our village. For them, I am grateful.

Life isn’t easy, but it must be appreciated. We must find the locus of perspective in it to be gracious.

Here are 10 Things I’m Thankful For!

1. God- for being the creator of the Universe and the creator of me!
2. My daughter who teaches me more about myself every day.
3. My wonderful husband who is such a solid figure in my world and our marriage on June 17,2018.
4. My bonus daughter, who can make me laugh so easily!
5. My parents who relocated from Florida to Virginia. I am thankful that they are more than a phone call away.
6. For spiritual growth.
7. A warm house and a refrigerator full of vegetarian-approved food!
8. Friends who really are family.
9. Working at a company that allows me to be 100 authentically me.
10. AutismColors and helping families!

I am grateful for you all!

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